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The emergence of internet has opened way for countless business opportunities for people around the world. It has revolutionized communication and generally makes things easy and fast. Since inception, internet has been growing rapidly and it has been regarded as the best invention in the communication world.

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Fities now take advantage of the internet to expose their products, services and ideas to a larger audience without spending more. Social media is an aspect of the internet that businesses are taking full advantage of in the 21st century. With Social media most start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs have been able to establish fully. This is because of the fact that they easily get lead via social media and they strived tirelessly towards converting these leads to active and actual buyers or customers as the case may be.

The two major social media platforms that Businesses, bloggers, individuals, celebrity and politicians use to either sell their products, popularize their concepts or send information to the public easily are; Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram and Twitter are social media platforms that enable users to post a message, photos or short videos. For people that want to propagate an idea, sell a product or popularized a concept using any of these platforms must have large followers. There are companies with over Ten million followers on twitter and Instagram also there are celebrities that have about Eight million followers on either Instagram or Twitter.

Having large followers base is not an easy task on Instagram and Twitter. It takes some organizations years to be able to have huge followers. However, this has been made easy of time as tech-savvy individuals and creative IT experts have come up with the concept of buying Real Instagram and Twitter followers online.

This concept of buy Twitter followers or buy Instagram followers is one of the phenomenons most Business organizations, celebrities, politicians, bloggers and other individuals use to grow their follow so that they can reach out to a larger audience. When you have large followers on Instagram or Twitter, you can easily sell a product, services; advertise your concepts and music to people around the world.

The fact that the act of buying real Instagram and Twitter followers online is not regulated by any regulatory authority, the niche has become too crowded. In view of this, they have been series of websites claiming to be selling real Instagram and Twitter followers, but most of the followers they will sell for you are spam and fake accounts. In order not to fall victim to these categories of people, the following factors should be considered before buy Instagram followers or  buy twitter followers from any website.

Factors to be considered in buying Instagram and Twitter followers

Quality of followers: When buying real twitters and Instagram followers, it is important to consider the quality of the followers you are buying. There are many websites who will promise to sell followers for you at a low price. Beware of such websites as most times they sell fake followers.

Delivery Time: The urgency of your demand is also an important factor to be considered. With this you will consider how soon you need the followers. Most professional sellers of Instagram and Twitter followers will always give you the option of instant delivery and over time delivery. These two options have different cost implications.

Refund policy: This is another aspect you have to consider. Carefully look at the refund policy of the website you are buying your followers from and know if it is favorable to you. Sometimes the refund policy of the website can tell a lot about their customer services and the sacrifices they are ready to make in order to satisfy their customers.

Replacement and Warranty: Most websites selling real Instagram and twitter followers will always give you warranty for certain period. During this period, if any of your followers unfollow you they will replace that such account to an active follower.

Whenever these factors are considered before buying followers for instagram or twitter, the tendency of buying fake followers will be reduced.
Reasons to buy instagram and twitter followers

There are several reasons why you should buy followers for your company’s twitter and Instagram accounts. Some of these reasons are;
Grow your online Presence: Organizations or individuals that have great followers on their social media accounts have the tendency of being more noticeable and reaching out to a larger audience. Companies with large followers on Instagram and twitter can easily introduce a new brand, sell a concept and propagate an idea. Within a twinkle of an eye, such brand, concept or idea will go viral online.

Be Seen By Larger Audience: People with large follower on Instagram or twitter can easily be seen by a larger audience. This is due to the fact that for any message, video or photos that is being shared; his or her followers’ followers will see such post and this will make you more popular online.

Increase Traffic on website: This is one of the most important reasons why you should buy active instagram and twitter followers. When you have large followers, your website traffic will increase tremendously. This is why most bloggers, musicians, painters and other freelance artisans invest heavily on their twitter and instagram accounts so as to build large number of followers.

Become an Influencer: When you have high followers on twitter and instagram you can easily become an Influencer. As an Influencer, companies will contact you and want you to promote their products to your followers online and get paid. Influencer marketing is one of the new approaches to indirect marketing that companies use in the business world today. You can only become an Influencer if you have very large followers on social media. One of the ways of attaining this is to buy real and active followers on twitter and instagram.

The prospect and opportunities that social media have to offer is unlimited, explore it and start growing your business through it.