How to get Instagram Followers or Twitter Followers

Everybody who is anybody has some form of social media these days. Two of the most popular sites being Instagram or Twitter. Loved by so many for their short and precise methods of communication, these two platforms work either with posting interesting or noteworthy pictures (Instagram) or posting relevant and exciting posts about your day in 140 characters or less (Twitter). These platforms are so popular now that they are a great way to launch your brand or business, or even just reach more people across the world.

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However, many people sign up to these social media networks with the hope of doing just this, only to find out that gaining followers is not as simple as just creating a profile. In order to gain more followers there are a number of things you can be doing. If you’re struggling to build a following online, then read on for some great tips for how to build your profile into something people will want to see.

⦁ #Hashtag
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard the term hashtag. Once a symbol for the word ‘number’, now it is a way to connect with thousands of people with just a word. The basic principle of hash tagging is to add a relevant tag to your post, so people who are interested in the same thing will find you. You can also search for people who are using the same hashtag and connect with them online. If you’re posting different things, a good place to start is to look at what hashtags are trending and incorporate them into your posts.

⦁ Follow people!
Sounds fairly obvious, but one of the key ways to get more followers on either Twitter or Instagram is to start following people. A lot of people follow people who follow them, in an endless circle of mutual following. To build your following, follow people who are in the same industry as you, or use the same hashtags. Another trick is to ‘like’ what people are posting. According to experts, for every 100 likes you give random people, you gain 6 followers.

⦁ Post at the right time of day
Sounds silly that there is a right time of day to post on social media, when social media never sleeps but there is a time of day where your posts will reach more people. On Twitter, the peak times to post are Wednesdays at noon, or everyday between 5-6pm. For Instagram, the best times are between 8-9am.

⦁ Be interesting!
Finally, if you’re posting irrelevant things every hour on the hour people are going to get bored and unfollow you. If you’re posting once a day, maybe once every other day and it is all interesting, funny and relevant then people won’t get sick of you and you’re far more likely to gain followers rather than lost them!
If you’re unsure about gaining followers, a good practice is to watch how successful brands use their social media. Have a look at how often they post, what they post and when. Be the social media account that you would want to follow.