Frequently Asked Questions about buy Followers

What does retention mean in context to Instagram followers?

Retention simply means the number of followers that stays  with you after the guarantee. We measure retention only after the guarantee is expired as this ensures those that might later unfollow or get deleted among purchased followers.

Can I get Banned?

Of course not, there is no risk of ban in as much as you don’t intend to spam your follows. Besides, it is quite understandable that you can’t control your followers. Unless your followers delivery comes in bulk at once, that way, foul play might be perceived and the followers will be deleted instantly from your account. Apart from this, you account is completely safe.

What was the Instrapurge?

Instagram took giant stride by deleting nothing less than 10 million fake accounts in December 2014. But the most amazing part was that our followers were not affected by the deletion. That showed the height of your security.

How does it work?

Sequel to the just answered question. You see we have our own modus operandi that singles us out as the most sought-after in this business. We ensure our followers are real followers that have genuine functioning accounts.

Will my account be banned if I buy followers?

Capital NO! Like we said earlier on, you account cannot be banned just because you buy followers. Worse comes to worst, the purchased followers will be evicted and deleted from your account draining your followers to the lowest. This, although may be a slap on your highly rated personality and also have negative impact on your business. To prevent this is to buy from trusted and reliable providers like who delivers only verified followers and save you the above troubles.

Will other people know I’m buying followers?

Whether they will know or they won’t depends on the quality of the providers that you buy it from. Low-quality providers usually deliver followers that will be easily decipherable by people that they purchased ones. And when people know that your followers aren’t real as it seems, your integrity is lost. This is why are usually patronised because of the top quality service that you will receive.

What are the top features in that distinguishes their service from others?

The top main feature that guarantee secured business with are our retention policy aa well as our privacy policy which are completely friendly, secured and customer-centred. You also observe the activeness of our followers as another feature unlike fake followers who are usually dormant and inactive. These features will guarantee you of quality service delivery. To be more secured you can also read feedbacks from our previous customers about their experience. For all Products check our Shop here : to the Shop

What do followers look like?

There are usually two types of followers in terms of the quality of service of the provider. Low-quality followers or fake followers are usually new accounts with no personal info and no followers. They only follow people. High-quality followers on the other hand, are real accounts of people which contain their personal information, pictures and followers. The latter are the kind of followers you get at

Does buying  followers work?

YES, it works and that is why it’s very popular. It is always hard to start any online business at zero level. That’s the reality. At least, to gather your own followers. Almost everyone is doing. Most of those accounts you see with tens and hundreds of thousands of followers have once used purchased followers. So, it works because you will be highly respected with enormous number of followers.

Will I loose the followers that I buy?

No you won’t. Because here, proper maintenance and genuineness of our followers won’t make you loose your customers. In as much as you will be provided with real followers, you will always be safe.

Why should I trust these reviews?

You should trust the reviews because they are real experiences feedbacks of people who have used our service before. Their reviews are representation of the quality of our service.